Review: Justice League Odyssey #10

If there was one way to explain Justice League Odyssey to someone new, what word would you use to describe this book to them. For me, the answer to that has been fairly simple. Justice League Odyssey is an experience. One which contrasts so many different iterations of the Justice League teams. If you told […]

Review: Hawkman #13

I can still recall my surprise when realizing just how big of a first story we would get out of Hawkman. With a book like this you would normally expect a quick miniseries and then move on to the next thing. However, that was not the case for us Hawkman fans. We were greeted and […]

Review: Wonder Twins #5

Date night was a fun way to spend the fourth issue of Wonder Twins #4, but now it is time to move on to that next chapter for these two upstarts. Not to mention for Polly who had one heck of a bomb dropped on her lap about what her dad has been up to […]

Review: Deadpool #13

If you thought that Deadpool wouldn’t get a tie-in for War of the Realms, who were you kidding? A book like this thrives on every opportunity to throw Deadpool into the latest catastrophe whether directly or indirectly. For me, I was just glad to get another chapter that didn’t really connect to any of the […]

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