All New X-Men #18 Review

  All New X-Men #18 Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: Stuart Immonen For the first time you can actually say they are the All New X-Men. Up to this point you kinda questioned the title give that they are still the original from the past, but now they have a new set goal […]

Avengers Arena #17 Review

Avengers Arena #17 Written by: Dennis Hopeless Art by: Kev Walker It took 29 days, and now they have been broken. All it took was the fear of one day left and Arcade won the game. You do wish that you didn’t know the outcome of what’s to come out of the final issue, but […]

The Bounce #7 Review

The Bounce #7 Written by: Joe Casey Art by: David Messina Jasper has definitely gotten a bit more than he bargained for. Looking for answers which he fears the truth of, and seeing the conspiracy behind it all which could dig him into a deeper hole than he already has. As they say, this world […]

Harbinger #18 Review

Harbinger #18 Written by: Joshua Dysart Art by: Barry Kitson and Riley Rossmo The Perfect Day is not what it seems, nothing is as it seems. That much is what you expect from Harbingers and Joshua Dystart consistently delivers on this. It’s a psyche war after all, and The Renegades aren’t like the other Psiots when […]

The Walking Dead #116 Review

  The Walking Dead #116 Written by: Robert Kirkman Art by: Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano The first battle of the war has begun and both sides have made their stance on the fight certain. Again this is what we have been waiting for consider so much time that had been put forth setting the […]

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