Review: Aliens: Rescue #2

The first issue of Aliens: Rescue #1 was a solid re-introduction to Alec Brand. In the previous book we knew him as just another survivor, but now he is being set up as someone who can now also step up in this universe to a higher calling like Amanda and Zula. Not a lot of […]

Review: Psi-Lords #3

Psi-Lords has really become that book from Valiant that just keeps you guessing. Just when you begin to figure things out along with these amnesic astronauts, again nothing is as it seems. Especially when it came to the twist they threw at us at the end of the previous issue. That was the definition of […]

Review: Livewire #9

After another captivating mission from Livewire, now is the time for a new arc. This one got me a bit more excited than the others just because this one was titled ‘Hero’. A lot of what Amanda has been doing up to this point is behind the scenes work. She’s managed to gain some spotlight […]

Demon Slayer “Pretend Family” Review

***Spoiler Warning*** Now who really wasn’t looking forward to this next episode after what we got last week? I know I was! Demon Slayer is a series that keeps you coming back for more because almost every episode delivers in their ability to show you that you haven’t seen anything yet. I could easily understand […]

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