Review: Die #10

Its kind of funny how last issue I made the statement that going home is without a doubt going to be easier said than done. Then this next issue comes around and the hype set around this one is three words which match exactly what I have been saying about the impression that the current […]

Review: Collapser #6

Hard to believe that here we are at the last issue of Collapser. For such an entertaining twist on the responsibility that comes with power, I do hope that this isn’t the last that we have seen of this series. Especially with what has been set-up through the events of these six issues. This is […]

Black Lightning “The Book of Resistance: Chapter Three: The Battle of Franklin Terrace” Review

Right now, Black Lightning is the show that just keeps on giving. Genuine character development, real problems, and real stakes which continues to grow with each passing episode. Especially now when things couldn’t be more tense in the city of Freeland as unrest begins to sit in among the people. Who would have thought that […]

My Hero Academia “GO!!” Review

***Spoilers Below*** If I’m being honest, last week’s episode left me wanting a bit more from this arc. It was in fact an unpleasant talk from what these heroes were able to piece together about Overhaul’s plans. However, there was one too many points during that unpleasant talk where they could have done better to […]

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