Review: Doctor Doom #1

It’s not everyday that I will go out of my way to read a villain book, but its Doctor Doom we’re talking about here. Why wouldn’t you want to see what’s up with that? I mean, that’s not to say that I didn’t have my reservations about a book like this. At the end of […]

Review: Hawkman #17

The last issue of Hawkman was a strong reassurance that the Year of the Villain storyline would not truly interfere with the direction of this book. For all that there is to like about that storyline, I’m sure a lot of readers out there had worries about what it might do to those solo books […]

Review: Justice League Odyssey #14

I can’t say that there wasn’t some hesitation about my excitement for what comes next for Justice League Odyssey. Its hard not to say that things took a wild turn with the death of Jessica Cruz, transformation of the JLO, and then the sudden resurrection of Jessica. The best thing that the previous issue had […]

Review: Hellmouth #1

As I’ve been saying since the first issue of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, BOOM! Studios has gone all out to show us that they are ready to tackle the Buffyverse. It was safe to say that many of us feared the worst when they picked up the licensing to these stories, and decided that they […]

Review: Collapser #4

With each passing issue I find myself more and more captivated by this book that I completely took a chance on. I was satisfied with what we got out of Collapser #3. As the halfway point for this story, it only made sense that this was where we would jump into that part of Liam’s […]

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