Review: X-Force #5

When this nation of Krakoa was first established, I remember thinking this might be one of the quieter periods for the mutants in the Marvel Universe. Then so shortly being hit with the reality that there simply is no such thing as quiet for the mutant population. Not when thriving the way they have has […]

Review: New Mutants #5

With the release of New Mutants #5, surely enough there is going to be excitement from readers that we are getting back to the space adventure with the team itself. You know, the story that got us initially invested in this book to begin with. This is not to say that the other half of […]

Review: Immortal Hulk #29

The game has changed. Its Hulk versus Roxxon, but it shakes things up when now the Hulk has the opportunity to spring into action during the day. I was excited for this issue because it didn’t take long for this creative team to begin taking advantage of what doors are now open with the sun […]

Review: Psi-Lords #8

I gotta admit, the pain was real when it hit me that this issue of Psi-Lords was going to be the end of this arc. When this story kicked off? They hit the ground running and pulled no punches after these heroes figured out their purpose. With that said, the big hype for Psi-Lords #7 […]

Review: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11

Hellmouth is all the drama in Sunnydale. This isn’t the first time that we have jumped into a story where we explore a world without Buffy, but it is the first time for this book! Especially when Buffy has left behind her friends who currently find themselves facing some difficult hurdles in their lives. Dark […]

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