BitMovio Launches Open Beta to Deliver Gamified Experiences for Streaming Video Entertainment

BitMovio ( today announced the launch of an open beta for its next-generation gamified video entertainment marketplace. The launch delivers an expansive update on content creator and consumer interactivity as well as access to a growing array of gamified monetization and reward models. Users are invited globally to participate in the open beta for watching […]

Review: Ironheart #3

Some people will say that Riri Williams hasn’t quite deserved a solo series yet, but what dictates when a hero is ready for that kind of spotlight? Do you share the spotlight with other heroes till you unfortunately get shoved to the background? No. This right here is where readers need to be to see […]

Halo HUNTtheTRUTH Episode 1-13 Review

If there was one way to both market your upcoming video game and build on the Universe at the same time, 343i and Microsoft have nailed it with the weekly episodic digital log called HUNT The TRUTH. For those who don’t know, HUNT The TRUTH is an investigation into the origins of modern-day superhero Master […]

Review: Justice League Odyssey #5

Issue #5 of Justice League Odyssey has been one to anticipate when right now we are getting two very different reactions to being worshiped as a god. You would think that this is the best thing ever to experience, and you would be proven wrong through the events of this story so far. This new […]

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