Review: The Terrifics #17

What can I say? This creative team got bold with the new direction for The Terrifics since they took that first step towards legitimacy. A refreshing plot that calls for the best of both worlds from this team. This God Game that they have found themselves trapped in is the kind of wild adventure that […]

DC UNIVERSE Offers FREE ACCESS to SYFY’s Krypton Season 2 Episode 1 – For a Limited Time!

Exciting news coming from DC UNIVERSE, starting TODAY and for a limited time only, the first episode of Krypton’s critically-acclaimed season 2 will be available for anyone to view without a subscription at  DC . Krypton, Season 2 premiered on SYFY on June 12, 2019. Check out the premiere episode of Krypton season 2 […]

Review: Justice League #26

Never once before would I have used the word brilliant to describe Justice League, and yet here we are. The anniversary issue was brilliant because it challenged everything about being a hero. The lengths these heroes will go to hold on to their ideals is the kind of storytelling we should see more of from […]

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