Review: Justice League Odyssey #13

You think the Justice League has it rough, and then you follow the Odyssey team and see that it could always be worse for them. Three have been transformed against their will into Darkseid’s New New Gods, and then you have one Jessica Cruz who has fallen victim to what happens when you take on […]

New Titans Season 2 Clip to Get You Pumped for Tomorrow’s Premiere!

Titans are back! Don’t miss the highly-anticipated season two premiere of the DC Universe original series Titans, premiering on Friday, September 6 on DC UNIVERSE. Dick Grayson, Rachel Roth (Raven), Kory Anders (Starfire), Gar Logan (Beast Boy) and the other heroes return alongside an expanded cast of new characters that includes Deathstroke, Conner Kent, Aqualad, Rose Wilson […]

Review: Justice League #31

Well that was quite the twist wasn’t it? I know that I have said before that it is exciting when the Justice League finds themselves faced against impossible odds, but its hard to say if this isn’t a bit much for our heroes.The only thing that I would say that this event is lacking right […]

DC Daily Celebrates the DC UNIVERSE Anniversary

DC UNIVERSE is pulling out all the stops as it celebrates its one year anniversary with its fans.  Subscribers can join a two-week run-up to up to the anniversary celebration on Friday, September 13th that includes our biggest stars, hottest giveaways, and exciting new DC Daily episodes filled with special guests and unique experiences. To […]

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