Review: Ironheart #10

There’s nothing like being around your kind of people. So far you love this meeting between Riri and Shuri as much as you did when Nadia came to visit her some issues back. Of course the difference being that there was some rough edges to smooth over for one Riri who took some time to […]

Review: Ironheart #9

Every issue so far of Ironheart has been a delight taking these steps with Riri towards self-improvement. She has a lot going on in her life between addressing her own struggles, while at the same time balancing her work as a hero. It’s easy to see where they try to avoid that departure from being […]

Review: Ironheart #8

For a hero like Ironheart, connections matter. That is why the past few issues from this series have been memorable. In every way she continued to walk away with the realization that you don’t get to that healthy point without good friends by your side and a little humor along the way to brighten your […]

Review: Ironheart #7

The adventures continue for Riri Williams. It was quite the pattern this girl was creating chasing down friends who seemed to have found themselves in trouble, but it was all worthwhile for the journey that Riri is taking towards becoming a better version of herself. It’s actually quite funny me saying that since it’s the […]

Review: Ironheart #6

New story time for Riri Williams. After an exciting first arc closing last month, I was anxious to see what came next for Ironheart’s adventures. The first story arcs are great for setting the foundation of what the book has to offer, but the second is usually what helps instill that sense of investment in […]

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