Review: Justice League #28

As I said with the previous issue of Justice League, this is that stage of the story where once more things slow down as we have not yet reached that point of action. The important thing is set-up, and doing the things that must be done in order to ensure a possible victory against Perpetua. […]

Review: Justice League #27

Sometimes all you need is a stunning cover to build excitement for the next issue. I would say that the cover art for Justice League #27 did the trick. Of course it does give you the impression that this will be the issue where the Justice League faces off against Perpetua, but that is obviously […]

Review: Justice League Dark #12

Honestly, right now this is one of my favorite iterations of the Justice League Dark team. This isn’t the same combination of heroes  from the supernatural corner, and this time around I genuinely feel the dark experience. Never has the team faced such perils that they could actually give in to the powers of Mordu […]

Review: Justice League #26

Never once before would I have used the word brilliant to describe Justice League, and yet here we are. The anniversary issue was brilliant because it challenged everything about being a hero. The lengths these heroes will go to hold on to their ideals is the kind of storytelling we should see more of from […]

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