Review: Justice League #29

With war on the rise, the future is looking a bit bleak for the heroes of this universe. As I said before, these are our gods among men struggling to beat back a team that you wouldn’t have originally blinked twice at. If you came here looking for that easy win that we tend to […]

Review: Justice League Dark #13

I don’t think I can say it enough. Justice League Dark is underrated as a book which has fully embraced the darkest corners of the DC Universe, and even the multiverse as a story connected to the madness of the Source Wall falling. Last month’s issue was stunning for the way that our heroes took […]

Review: Justice League #28

As I said with the previous issue of Justice League, this is that stage of the story where once more things slow down as we have not yet reached that point of action. The important thing is set-up, and doing the things that must be done in order to ensure a possible victory against Perpetua. […]

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