Review: Justice League #24

If anyone was looking for a story where this Justice League could be challenged in ways unimaginable? Then this is the book for you! We all like to joke that these stories are too easy when we are talking about heroes who are the very definition of overpowered. However, this creative team has shown us […]

Review: Justice League Dark #10

When I first found myself picking up Justice League Dark, I never thought this is where we would have ended up by the tenth issue. The initial impression we were all left with was that this might be just another iteration of the team. Just a bit more out there and mainstream in cast. At […]

Review: Justice League #22

The Justice League are going through their own share of obstacles to save the multiverse, but as always an issue focused on just the Legion of Doom in-between. It’s strange to find yourself so invested in what the villains are up to, but this is one of those stories where every perspective matters. In this […]

Review: Justice League #21

As I said last month, the Justice League just can’t catch a break in this war for the fate of the multiverse. I’m sure that we would all love to see them rise to the occasion as you know they would, but nothing is ever that simple, is it? There would be no thrill in […]

Review: Justice League #20

When we embarked on this multiversal adventure, one of the last places you ever thought this would take us is the fifth dimension, let alone the sixth.This story arc so far has been an absolute delight for anyone who has been waiting to see the Justice League really take some big steps to get ahead […]

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