Review: Collapser #3

For the conclusion to the second issue, the timing was just right to show that Liam isn’t as crazy as everyone has made him think he is. This was always the thing I was worried about most with the story. The pacing so far has been great, but it would have probably been an issue […]

Review: Justice League Odyssey #13

You think the Justice League has it rough, and then you follow the Odyssey team and see that it could always be worse for them. Three have been transformed against their will into Darkseid’s New New Gods, and then you have one Jessica Cruz who has fallen victim to what happens when you take on […]

Review: Go Go Power Rangers #23

With the previous issue of Go Go Power Rangers being so personal, I was definitely preparing myself for a more intense issue to follow. Especially when you have Jason being taken on a trip through the past events of Shattered Grid, and the rest of the team facing off against one vengeful Warbunny. Yeah, I […]

Review: Livewire #10

With Livewire #9 being a solid start to Amanda fighting this war on a different front, I was very anxious to see what came next for her. This is the time for this creative team to get bold with the kind of story that not many are willing to take a risk on in a […]

Review: Champions #9

With the return of Sam Alexander and Nova completed after the events of Champions #8, one has to wonder what comes next for this team. Only so much of course that we can expect when this run is getting close to a finish. Unfortunately, but the show must go on. Meaning there’s plenty enough for […]

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