Review: Deadpool #14

After the events of Deadpool #13, I couldn’t help but feel a bit reserved towards what could come of the Merc With a Mouth getting tangled up in the madness of this event. Would it be worth your money? That is the biggest question. Especially considering there wasn’t too much that actually happened in the […]

Review: Uncanny X-Men #20

It was a good break from the X-Men’s normal activities to see their ties into the War of the Realms story, and find out what Emma Frost has really been up to all of this time away from the spotlight. Though with these things passed, for the most part, here we find ourselves questioning what […]

Review: Psi-Lords #1

As a fan of Valiant Comics, I would say that some of the most breathtaking stories from this publisher tends to be those completely original. Everything they do tends to hit the mark, but those stories are the ones that take you places you’ve never been before in the Valiant Universe. I knew instantly that […]

Review: Livewire #7

Never a dull time in the life of the world’s most wanted psiot. The world may be cruel to her right now, but that hasn’t stopped Amanda McKee from going above and beyond to continue fighting for the young psiots. As I l said last month, they wasted little time showing us just what there […]

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