Review: Die #7

The start of the new story arc was pretty intense last month. In most cases the creative team will try to ease you back into the story, but this doesn’t seem like one willing to pull back on the punches. Not with this bunch. Through the course of that issue we got to see what […]

Review: The Terrifics #19

Like another books this week, I was very surprised when I saw that this one would be influenced by the events of ‘Year of the Villain’. It seems like there is no book out there set in this world where Lex Luthor’s dark gifts did not reach a villain who could give the heroes a […]

Review: Angel #4

For everything that Angel and Fred have been through, it all brings us to this point for the conclusion to the first story arc of this Angel series. One that really took off with the idea that you can take characters like Angel and bring them into a more modern setting to deal with more […]

Review: Justice League Dark #14

When they first announced that Justice League Dark would be taking a turn towards more influence from Year of the Villain, I was quite concerned about what this meant for the book. This just so happens to be one of those which benefits from being more self-contained than other things unfolding around the world. The […]

Review: Dial H for Hero #6

It is a pretty good feeling knowing that this could have easily been the last issue of this series. It should have been, but here we are at issue #6-12 instead because the reception has been satisfying enough to warrant more. The last issue of Dial H for Hero was the best time to shake […]

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