Review: Sabrina The Teenage Witch #5

It hit hard seeing realizing that this was the last issue of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. This was probably the first time in a while where I have felt this crushed about a book like this from Archie coming to a close.I still remember when I first heard the announcement of this book, I wasn’t […]

Kelly Thompson and Veronica & Andy Fish Conjure up the Next Chapter of SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH!

Hot on the heels of the final issue of SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH hitting stores this Wednesday, writer Kelly Thompson and artists Veronica & Andy Fish have reunited for the next chapter in their spellbinding reboot of the classic Archie Comics character! SABRINA: SOMETHING WICKED, a new five-issue mini-series launching in spring 2020, follows the magical […]

The Witch Hunt Is On in This Early Preview of Sabrina the Teenage Witch #4!

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #4 (OF 5) Sabrina’s worlds collide as the town of Greendale becomes engulfed in a literal witch hunt—putting Sabrina’s family and her secrets right in the crosshairs. But the monsters plaguing the town are not exactly what they seem and it’s up to Sabrina to save the town from itself, while […]

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