Fire Force “The Promise” Review

“Spreading Malice” gave us one of our most important episodes yet. Through this one encounter, we learned so much than we ever thought we were going to initially from the investigation of 1st company. So far I enjoyed that nothing about this is something you could have seen playing out the way it did. You […]

Dr. Stone “Clear World” Review

Last week was a big one for fans of Dr. Stone. Some may actually just look at that episode and see a flimsy alliance, but it goes beyond that. This was one of Senku’s most important alliances he could make right now. Not just because he might introduce Coke, but because we know that this […]

Titans “Rose” Review

Now that we’ve gotten through what should have been the finale for season one, it finally feels like we are moving into season two. While I say this, let me be clear, the set-up wasn’t bad at all. Here we are on the second week, and everything is pretty much fresh in our minds between […]

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