Review: Livewire #10

With Livewire #9 being a solid start to Amanda fighting this war on a different front, I was very anxious to see what came next for her. This is the time for this creative team to get bold with the kind of story that not many are willing to take a risk on in a […]

Review: Killers #2

After a thrilling debut for Killers, I was anxious to see what came next in the second chapter. So far we have only been introduced to two of the former operatives, and both of them were a treat for what they proved capable of under the training from the Jonin. We’ve seen Ninjak do some […]

Review: Doctor Mirage #1

Normally I tend to be a bit late to the party when it comes to reading Doctor Mirage. Sometimes it ends up being one of those books where I tend to wait for all the issues to release before jumping into it. This time around I indulged myself with the opportunity to experience every issue […]

Behold! The BLOODSHOT #1 Carbon Fiber Finish Variant!

A badass comic deserves a badass cover! Valiant Entertainment is incredibly proud to reveal the BLOODSHOT #1 Carbon Fiber Finish Variant Cover! This stunning cover features artwork by fan-favorite artist Jonboy Meyers.  Designed by Valiant’s Director of Design & Production Travis Escarfullery, the BLOODSHOT #1 Carbon Fiber Finish Variant Cover is truly unlike any other […]

Review: Psi-Lords #3

Psi-Lords has really become that book from Valiant that just keeps you guessing. Just when you begin to figure things out along with these amnesic astronauts, again nothing is as it seems. Especially when it came to the twist they threw at us at the end of the previous issue. That was the definition of […]

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