Review: House of X #2

A lot of us are going crazy about what Hickman seems to be doing with the world of X-Men in the Marvel Universe. He said he had big plans, and he delivered with the results of those plans set into motion with the debut first issue. Now with that said, that was the first issue. […]

Review: Powers of X #1

As I said last week, I was truly reserved about the direction that Marvel was going to take the X-Men next. It’s not as if I knew what they were planning, but they haven’t quite instilled the kind of confidence that they should in a franchise like the X-Men. We get it, continuity is something […]

Review: House of X #1

To be blunt, the X-Men books have been the most difficult books to put your trust in from Marvel. Up to this point these books have been all over the place and in desperate need for direction. The closest we got to something familiar for them was during the second half of the Uncanny X-Men […]

Review: Uncanny X-Men #22

Here we find ourselves at the end of yet another X-Book. Everything coming to a close before Hickman takes over to reshape the world of the X-Men in the Marvel Universe in a couple months.Of course this made it difficult to not take everything you read here with a grain of salt. As much as […]

Review: Uncanny X-Men #21

When someone says “It all ends here.” Its hard not to brace yourself for something big. The only problem we ever could have with Uncanny X-Men is that this story is not forever. Not when Powers of X and House of X aim to change just about everything about the X-Men and their place in […]

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