Review: X-Men #1

This right here is the X-Men run you’ve always wanted, and this is the main X-Men book you never thought you needed. As for the rest of the books? I might still think it is a bit of a risk trying to keep eight books ongoing, but you never know right now. We wanted a […]

Calling All Mutants for the X-Men #1 Trailer!

A new dawn has broken for mutantkind, and their current status quo has sent reverberations around the globe! Mutant mastermind Jonathan Hickman has changed the game for Homo Superior and now is ushering in an era of Marvel storytelling the likes of which has never been seen before! So prepare yourself for all-new, all-different X-Men […]

Review: Powers of X #6

If you ever told me that there would be a time where Hickman would have the opportunity to reinvent the X-Men like he did with the Avengers? I would have probably laughed it off because Marvel has never been too keen on taking the X-Books as seriously as they should. Between Powers of X and […]


Krakoa might be the new haven for the mutants of the world, but what does it say about their safety when another iteration of the X-Force is needed? Should be interesting to see what calls for their attention this time around! X-FORCE #1 Written by BENJAMIN PERCY Art by JOSHUA CASSARA Colors by DEAN WHITE

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